Xroads Systems Exploration Lab

You’ve just found XSEL! We are a small research group at University of Virginia. We strive to build computer systems software that is cool.

Recent publications

Who we are

Head Dreamer: Felix Xiaozhu Lin

Dreamers towards PhD:

Liwei Guo | Arup Sarker | Madellyne Waugh



Luis Fernando Materon Botelho (Summer 18); Yi Qiao (Summer 18); Victor Pan (Summer 18); Shaoying Xu (Summer 17)

We always have openings for undergrad RAs. Recognizing undergrads have diverse background & career goals, We customize research experience for individuals. Start from small tasks. No commitment upfront.

What we do

We address systems challenges in a wide range of scenarios, spanning from interactive wearables to large analytics engines. We take diverse approaches, including novel OS structures (1, 2), kernel subsystem design, whole-OS profiling, binary translation, and user-level runtime design.

A partial list of recent projects: Elf (a 3-min video) | Transkernel | VStore | Power Sandbox | StreamBox | Decelerating suspend/resume | memif | Android Wear | Drivers should not manage power | Hot” Google Glass | K2 | Reflex | Why Browser Slow? | Tempo | RhythmLink | Dandelion

Pages for NSF projects (with fun stuffs): CNS#1619075 | SaTC#1718702


Our work is made possible through the support of:

We also thank the following organizations for donating devices, software licenses, or service accounts: